Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tonight UNLV played SUU at the Thomas & Mack. I was given tickets and Lindsey and I decided to go. We are not really followers of either team. We felt a little torn between the two. I started cheering for SUU and I asked Linds why she was not cheering. She said she was scared.
Maybe we were going to get jumped in the parking lot after the game? There were quite a few SUU fans there, but you still feel a little intimidated when you are cheering for the opposing team. We had a good time. The game was good, but we had more fun laughing at the mascot and the creepy lady that was working near the snack stand where we bought our nachos. Linds hoped she didn't make HER nachos. From the looks of how she is going down on them, she was not too worried about it. UNLV won....

Fun time out with my girl!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More of that PESKY white stuff

OK...twice in the same week! This is getting a bit ridiculous! This time it snowed pretty good at the house and I was able to get a few pictures. I'm hoping they cancel school tomorrow. I sound
like a little kid, huh? I have to admit, it helps get you in the holiday spirit. Mom and Dad are here for the day. We have been out shopping all day. It started coming down pretty good about 3 or so this afternoon. It was weird to be in the car listening to Christmas songs and watching the snow fall....in Vegas.
PS...School was cancelled. The little kid in me got her wish, but the adult in me still had to be an adult. All administrators and office staff still had to report to work. OH WELL..this is probably the first time children in Vegas have stayed home for a snow day.

White Christmas
The fountain in the back yard.
My version of a snowman...that's all the cold I can stand!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in the Desert

I have to admit, I am not a news watcher. I don't seek out the weather report, unless we are traveling. We cancelled our newspaper subscription about a month ago so I guess you could say I am pretty much in the dark about local and world happenings. If it does not pop up on the MSN homepage, I probably don't know about it. That said, when I left for work this AM, it looked really dreary outside. I put the sunglasses on before I left the garage, and as soon as I pulled out, I had to take them off. No sun or any sign of it even thinking about making an appearance. The radio station mentioned a "winter storm" warning. I was thinking...what are they talking about? Then they mentioned snow. Not just a chance of it-- it was definitely going to snow.

Fast forward a few hours....It did start snowing while I was at work. It actually snowed for about 3 hours. Nothing stuck, it melted as soon as it hit the ground. A few people got calls from family up on the far west side of town that it was really sticking...some of them got about 4-5 inches.

Fast forward a few more hours....After work, Rex and I had to do some running around. Out on our travels, we stopped and snapped this pic. Sort of fun. Rex threw a couple of snowballs at me. I did not retaliate, I suck at throwing snowballs. (wish Lindsey would have been there, she could have defended me..she has a killer arm)

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a Weekend!

If you are a follower of the rest of the families blogs then you already know how we spent our weekend. I guess you can stop reading now if you feel you don't need to know any more about our stuffing our faces for the entire weekend, our shopping trips, and our Jazz games. If you are still reading, this is my version of the weekend.

Thanksgiving Day:
What else can you say except YUMMY! We were put in charge of bringing ham and the famous cranberry/raspberry salad. Simple huh? Well, I got the ham out of the freezer on Tuesday and really did not think about it again. When we went to put it in the oven that morning, it was still frozen. So what should have taken an hour and a half, took 3 or 4. We finally made it to Harmony and at least they were not waiting on us. Along with Ted and Barbara, there were Mark and Lisa and the boys, Gardner and Norma Schmutz and Lindsey's friend Tiffany. Needless to say, it was a delicious meal. We had a good visit and some good laughs. It was kinda rainy and gloomy but I had it in my head that I wanted to go up to our property and take a family picture. We had Tiffany go with us so she could be the photographer. We got some really nice pics, rain and all.
Loadin' up the plates.

Hope everyone has mashed potatoes, Lindsey's loadin' up.
Lisa and I were enjoying watching the men get dinner ready.

We were our doing some "black friday" shopping in Cedar and Brandon called to say he had some lower bowl tickets for the game that night. We jumped in the truck and headed up. He was able to get us down on the floor to be bench warmers before the game. Basically you get to sit right on the Jazz bench and watch them warm up. Jessika was so nervous to meet D- Will she could not stand it. For some reason, none of the starters came out. We did get pictures and autographs of Millie, Korver, Brewer, Price, Miles, Koufos, Almond, Collins and Fesenko (sp). It was really neat. Kim and Kelsie and Dad came to the game that night too. Dad was on the bench with us. They won that game against the Kings.

Rex asked Brewer to hammer one down for him...and he did.

Millie, signing our clock.

Us with Price


Pretty lazy morning....not in a big rush to do anything. We spent the morning playing beauty shop. Jessika curled my hair, Janna's hair and Janna curled Lauryn's. We all looked so cute. The guys went to Cabellas and the girls to a couple of stores. Then off to the game again. We were hooked up in the All-Star suite. It is a double suite with tons of food, (stuffing our faces again). Everyone was there except Lindsey, (we missed her). They ended up losing that game to the Nets. It was a really fun night anyway. Rex and Jess were bench warmers again, along with Trisha, Quinn, Kim, Mike, Corbin and Kelsie. Jess was hoping for another shot at D-Will, but no cigar. After the game, Rex, Jess and I drove back to Enoch. We got there about 1:15am. Then it was home to Vegas on Sunday.
All the Cousins(except Lindsey)

Me and Rex


It was a really fun weekend, glad to be home safe. The only thing that would have made it better, was to have had Lindsey there. At least she was able to spend Thanksgiving Day with us.