Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Live a Little"

Last weekend was a good time. We actually had company come. Jessika came home for the weekend and brought her friend Braden. Kenyon, Kara and Mataya also came down.

We started the weekend with Friday night. I made enchiladas (Macayo style). Michelle came over so Jessika could "fix" her bad haircut she got earlier in the week. We had fun visiting with her and Devin. We invited them to stay and eat with us. Kenyon and Kara got here about 9:00. We all visited for a bit, then Michelle and Devin left. Jessika wanted to take Braden to ride the BIG SHOT - the one that sits on top of the Stratosphere. A few of us had never been on the ride: OK, just me and Braden...he was pretty freaked out about it. Rex stayed home with Mataya, they watched Cars, and Kenyon, Kara, Jessika, Braden, Me and Lindsey headed out. I think Braden got an eye full. He has never really been to Vegas...just passed through. In line behind us was the entire group of Japanese students...the girls were in their plaid skirts and they all wore matching uniforms. There were a ton of them. The ride was fun-everybody survived. We were headed back to the car, and as we were in the parking garage, Kenyon comments on this Escalade that has 20 inch rims--just then POW POW!!! Kenyon practically hit the deck, I screamed. We all thought we were being shot at. Turns out, it was a car going over some metal things on the level above us. It was a scary moment...then we laughed, almost peeing our pants.

Saturday, Lindsey went to work, and Kara, Jess, Mataya and me went shopping. Rex and Kenyon and Braden went to Bass Pro Shop and Sportsman's Warehouse. We all met up for lunch at Chipotle. Then split up again for more shopping. That night we went to WingStop for dinner. Kenyon and Kara left after dinner. Jessika and Braden left early Sunday morning. It is always fun to have family come. Kenyon and Kara are so fun to have around--there are always plenty of laughs. It was nice to have Jess home too..she does not come this way too much anymore. Thanks for coming guys!

This is what the big shot ride looks like. Yep...that is the VERY TOP!
Mataya already knows what its all about...she picked out shoes to match her outfit!This was at this crazy shoe store where they have shoes stacked from floor to ceiling...nothing over $13.99.

Jessika and Braden. Really nice kid, glad we got to meet him. Hope he is not afraid to come back to Vegas:(

Lindsey and Kara at WingStop

Kenyon, likes the wings....

Rex...saying the prayer?????

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SiGnS oF sPrInG

I have been noticing there are quite a few signs that spring is just around the bend. The rise in temperature for one...the forecast is for the low to mid 80's by the end of the week.... but these pics were taken in my front yard.