Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great Weekend For A Ride (or two)

Last weekend Rex and I were invited to take a Harley ride to Death Valley to see the wildflowers that are out in full bloom. It did not work out that we were able to go with that group, so we took off on our own for a beautiful ride. We started by looping around the valley and having lunch across town at Firehouse Subs. That has become one of our favorite lunch spots...really good sandwiches. Then we stopped in Henderson and said hello to the Roundys. From there, we went out by the lake and looped around through Valley of Fire, then back to I-15 and on home. It was such a beautiful day for a ride. We must have had the fever, because on Sunday after church, we hopped back on the bike and rode up through Red Rock Canyon. We putted through Blue Diamond then back home. I am happy we got those two beautiful days of riding in, because the week got ugly the last couple of days....windy and cold. Looking forward to more great rides.
Rex at one of the stops we made near Lake Mead.

Beautiful flowering cactus and other flowers near the lake. Valley of FireRed Rock Canyon

Me, at a look-out in Red Rock Canyon.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I took this picture before the show.
"The Band"

I love my husband. He sat at the computer and on the phone for 2 hours for tickets to see Garth Brooks. We went this past weekend and it was amazing. Brandon and Janna came down and went with us. We spent the day on Saturday just soaking up the sun. It was a beautiful day, about 83 degrees. We went to a couple of different parks near our house and just relaxed and enjoyed the sun. (except Lauryn, she was already burnt from a ski trip) Later that day, Brandon and the kids got in the jacuzzi. Then that evening, Rex and I and Brandon and Janna went to the show.

We headed down to the Wynn at about 6 or so. The show was not until 8 but they way they do their tickets to prevent scalping we practically had to pee in a cup just to pick up our tickets. Just a joke...they make everyone show ID, wear a wrist band and then stamp your hand when you pick up the tickets. We thought we would have time to eat but by the time we found the place to pick up the tickets, it was cutting it too close, so we ate a quick delicious salad at the ZooZa Deli at the Wynn. We got seated at the show about 15 min. before showtime.

I've seen Garth's concert a couple of times, but this was a totally different experience. Just him and his guitar. He talked to the audience, telling a story through music. He talked about the songs and artists that influenced him and sang songs from different artists as well as his own. Very casual too...he came out in a hoodie sweatshirt, wrinkled jeans and some lace up bugger bottom boots. They did not allow photography during the show, but Janna snuck a shot. I was too chicken. So happy to have gone to the show...THE BEST!
Brandon, Janna, Lauryn, Parker & Ashby at the park.

Having some frozen yogurt after the park.

Brandon and the kids in the jacuzzi.

For a joke, Rex put on his 15 year old Chris LeDoux shirt and overalls...said he was gonna wear it to the concert. I think he had Lauryn going for a while.

Us, just before the show. I love this guy!