Saturday, March 6, 2010

tales of the truck...part?

If you follow my blog, then you know about the truck Rex bought to restore. The first post about it was back on October 21, 2008. I posted again in November about when he put the engine in it. Getting this truck painted and back so he could finish it has been, well should I say a LONG time coming. Since my last post, witch was when he sent it back to the pain guy to "touch it up" - alot has happened. Or should I say not enough has happened. He had it for about a year and on the Friday before Rex was going to Utah for the deer hunt, he got a call from Metro telling him that someone had stolen the engine out of it while it was at the paint shop. UGGGG! Someone broke into the yard of the shop and although they did not take the entire engine, they took the carburetor, distributor, radiator, powder coated brackets, valve covers, condenser and air cleaner. He was not going to let it ruin his hunting trip, but he was pissed. The shop owner did not want to claim it on the insurance so he told him to take it to his mechanic and get it fixed and he would pay for it. This guy did not know Rex WAS the mechanic but instead of doing it himself, he decided to go ahead and have someone else fix it at this guy's expense. Rex decided to take the truck to his friend Dale @ Winners Circle. Dale painted his Monte Carlo and he had a mechanic that could fix the truck. He also had Dale Color Sand and Buff the paint. WOW~! It's a beauty! Although the paint is not perfect, he has decided not to put any more time or money into it. He brought it home yesterday and had the new wheels and tires on it in no time. I guess interior is all that is left to do. Maybe after that he will turn the keys over to me.