Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lobster anyone?

Rex and I took a little trip to Southern California to relax on the beach for a few days before I went back to work. I took this picture the night we got there. We were just "getting our feet wet". Yes, his are the ones that are glowing.

This is the "after picture". He got so sunburned on the tops of his feet he could not even walk. He had to take a day off work when we got home it was so bad.

Let me back up a bit....

We left on a Wednesday, spent the night at the Huntington Beach Hilton Beach Resort Wednesday and Thursday night. Wednesday, we were getting there just about evening time. We walked the beach to the main street and had dinner there at the Sugar Shack Cafe. We walked out on the pier and watched the surfers and the people fishing off the pier.

On the way back to the Hotel, I took the pictures of our feet as the water was washing up over them.

Thursday, we took the hotel shuttle to main street and grabbed some breakfast. We also picked up sandwiches to put in the cooler and take to the beach. We walked back to the hotel and packed up all our stuff and walked across the street to the beach. We spent the entire day there. We read, people watched, ate, slept, played in the waves and just relaxed. This is when the feet got so burned. He said he put sunscreen on them, but it rubbed off in the sand. As you can see, he took every other precaution not to get burned!

Uni~bomber spotted at Huntington Beach...

The water is too cold for him I guess...

That night, we went to dinner at the Yard House and on Friday, we had decided we would check out of the Hotel and spend the day at the beach again. We had already planned on spending the night at our friends house. When we checked out of the hotel, our bellman told us about another beach in Laguna. We decided to drive to that one and spend the day. It was well worth it. It was in a little cove and really pretty. At this point we knew Rex's feet were burned, so he slathered the sunscreen on them and covered them with at towel all day.

Crescent Bay Beach

The day there was just beautiful. Rex even got a little show when the waves took a lady's swim bottoms right off her! OH, and we were both treated to this, when he made himself comfortable right in front of us! I know ~ can't stop looking, can ya?

When we left the beach, we had a 60 mile drive to Gary and Tammy's house. Since we decided to wait until rush hour to leave, it took us 3 hours to get there. By the time we got there, the reality of the sunburn was really setting in. By Saturday morning, he could hardly walk.

We went to breakfast with Gary and Tammy and Gary's daughter Sammy. Gary offered his Harley to us to take a little scenic ride that looped through the mountain and back to their house.

Me, overlooking Castaic Lake

Pyramid Lake (I think)

It was about a 2 hour ride and it was really pretty. When we got back to Gary and Tammy's house, we decided to head home. We rode back with Gary and his son Tyler. It was a great getaway. The feet are now peeling and itching him like crazy.