Friday, October 23, 2009

caught in the act

A few weeks back, I went out in the backyard to find a strange looking bird....just walking around. It sort of looked like a chicken, but had an odd shaped body and did not really have that chicken "strut". Well, I came back inside and told Rex we had a strange bird in the backyard...when he went and looked he just about died laughing. He said "ITS A CHICKEN!" Believe me, I still have not heard the end of that. Well, we can't figure out how he got in our backyard, (this is at our Vegas house)but I'm pretty sure he "lives" at a house down the street that has a few of them roaming their yard. Rex chased it out of the backyard and that was that....WRONG! It kept coming to "visit" us. In the mornings when I would leave for work, I would see it in the front yard. It sort of became a joke that our pet chicken was back to visit us. This was happening on a pretty regular basis.
Well, a week or so ago, Rex planted some new flowers in the planters around the trees in the front yard. After a couple of days, he said that he thought the chicken was getting into the planters and picking at his flowers, scratching at the dirt and making all kinds of a mess. He said there was a bunch dirt in the grass, like the chicken has been scratching at it, throwing it out of the planter. He was a little but hurt that this chicken was messing in his flowers.
That brings me to this I was pulling out of the driveway, what do I see? Yep, a chicken. It was not the first one I saw in the backyard that day...this one actually looks like a chicken. But there it was headed straight for the flowers. I had to take some pics of it...too funny! Maybe we will be having fried chicken for dinner!

heading for the planter...ready to make his move

on the edge....checkin it out...pickin the right spot
(see all that dirt on the cement edge, thats his handy work)

looking anybody watching?


Friday, October 16, 2009

the other woman

The mid-life crisis.....some might say thats what it is. It might be. I think it's just living.

Rex has been into motorcycles ever since I can remember. He used to ride around Harmony and I would watch him come around the corner on the lower street from my room atop the Harmony Hilton. Well, it was not too long after Gary brought his Harley here from South Dakota that we were lookin' to buy one. Needless to say....we have been having a BLAST! We have taken many rides to Mt. Charleston...thats where you go when its 110 degrees in the city. We also went out through Redrock and to Pahrump. We took the bike to Utah and have a a couple of fun rides there too. Riding up over Cedar Mt. is really beautiful. Rex said....if this is my mid life crisis, at least it's not another woman. AMEN to that....somehow, I don't think I would have this much fun with another woman.

In Utah...leaving the house for a ride.

Rex, at Todd's Junction.

Cedar Breaks

Rex's bike..the black one and Gary's bike, up Right Hand Canyon.

Rex, up by the "C".