Monday, June 21, 2010


Just found these "before" pics.

This is what Newley looked like when he joined the family.

Proud PaPa
This may be the final chapter in the "Tales of the Truck" series. I wanted to post about the interior being done. (for the most part) Rex put the carpet in himself and he had Bobby Bouy do the seat. Rex put a new stereo system in and the diamond plate around the stereo itself. He also installed a/c, YES the truck had no factory air so being the handyman that he is, he installed an aftermarket system. I love the look of the instrument panel too. I'm sure he will tinker on it here and there, but for the most part his restoration is complete. Unfortunately, "Newley" did not come out to be the show truck he wanted it to be,(thanks to the paint and body guy) but he is still quite a bit better lookin than the day he became a member of the family. Plus, he has made for some stories to tell - good and bad. I am proud of Rex and his accomplishment. I wonder how long Newley will remain a member of the family?

To see more pics of the outside, click here