Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Be 20 Again.....

Birthday Girl!

Today is Jessika's 20th birthday. She came down for the weekend. We started celebrating on Friday night. We kind of have a family tradition, on a birthday or anniversary, we love to treat ourselves to Austin's Steakhouse. Since Monday is our anniversary and today is Jessika's birthday we all went the dinner at Austins on Friday night. On Saturday, Jessika and I went and did a little shopping, then on Saturday night she went out with her friends. Today, Rex cooked dutch oven chicken for her. We also had twice baked potatoes, green salad, fruit and scones. Not to mention the sweet "funfetti" cake I made for her. She invited her good friend Hannah and the Jones' over to eat with us. It was a beautiful day to eat outside and enjoy the yummy meal. I love You Jess--Happy Birthday!

Check out this professionally decrorated cake...nice huh?

Rex-master chicken and scone maker.

Michelle, Sammie, and Skylar ( do you think she's having fun?)

Hannah and Jessika


Mom and her Girls. No more teenagers.....i think that's a good thing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nasty People

Im sure the title made you just a little bit curious....well, read on.
On Friday night, we went down to Fremont Street to watch a free concert.. Jason Aldean. It did not start until 10:30--yes that's PM. Kinda late for us old folks. But we figured what the heck.. what could be better than going downtown with all the drunk cowboys? At first we were not too sure about going, the wind had been blowing all day---HARD! It had calmed down quite a bit so we bundled up, it was still pretty cold, and headed out. The area around the stage, which was at 3rd St. and Fremont, was PACKED with people. We were feeling like sardines, and the only ones that were not drinking (or smoking). Jason put on a really good show though, and it ended up being pretty nice there under the canopy, well protected from the cold and wind. We were well entertained by the people around us. I just had to get some footage of these people in front of us. I will not even try to decribe them....see for yourself!

Jason Aldean

Nasty People...Need I say more?