Monday, July 20, 2009


We actually had some company come stay with us for a few days. Brandon and Janna and their kids came down even though they were given fair warning about the heat during the summer here in lovely Las Vegas. I don't think they have been here for at least a couple of years so I guess it was about time. They went to Tuachan on Saturday night and came here after the play, so it was pretty late Saturday night when they arrived. We went to church Sunday morning and then we thought it would be nice to go up the mountain and cook a burger. What a difference a 30 min. drive can make. We went up Lee Canyon to a little picnic spot. I wondered if we would even get a spot but we were the only ones there. (except for the occasional carload stopping to use the bathrooms) It was only in the 70's where we had our picnic. Rex took his propane cooker and we had the yummiest burgers, deviled eggs, chips, Brandon's macaroni salad, fruit and dip, and rice krispie treats. Rex and the boys went looking for lizards, but no luck. We played some games and then took them across the mountain, stopped at a lookoff point and then back home.

Parker, setting us up some shade.

3 cute kids - Parker, Lauryn and Ashby.

Me, Rex and Brandon - relaxing with full bellies.

Janna and Lauryn

For entertainment on Sunday night, Brandon and Janna watched popcorn pop in the microwave!
Well, really we watched a movie and had popcorn, but they thought this microwave popper was pretty sweet. (it really is)

On Monday, Rex hooked us up with a pass to go swimming at "The Tank". It's the pool at the Golden Nugget. It actually has a shark tank that a water slide goes through. He was able to get us a behind the scenes tour of the tank and how they care for the sharks and other marine life that live in the tank. It was really interesting, I had no idea all that went into that. The day at the pool was fun and HOT! That night we went to dinner at BJ's and then they took their kids to see the "strip".

Listening to the tour girl talking about the shark tank.
Looking down into the tank.

The best part of the tour, Rex's fire sprinkler system.

Janna and me.
Me and Ashby.

Lauryn, coming out of the slide.Ashby, coming out of the slide.

We loved having them here and hope it's not years before they come back....maybe not in the summer though. Good times!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekend 4 wheeler Rides

Over the 4th weekend, Rex and I took off over to 3 peaks for a couple of evening rides. It was nice to ride somewhere so close...10 min dirve from the house, unload and ride.

Rex..unloading the bike. We did not take mine, I just rode on the back.

The clouds made for a beautiful sunset.

Looking towards Cedar from 3 peaks.

Another shot of the sunset, and me.

Rex, loading back up.

On Friday, we took the ranger and rode up on Little Mtn. in Harmony.

Me, on Little Mtn. I have so many good memories of picnics up on this mountain.

Rex, taking in the best view anywhere. (no, he's not peeing)

On the afternoon of the 4th, after we had taken in all the festivities, we hopped on the bikes for another little ride. It did not last long, it started to rain and we were not prepared.

Doesn't he look good on that bike?

Another little creature in the wash...this one was a bit smaller than the one I almost stepped on a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just some random shots....

sunset at sand hallowbridge we ride over on our 4 wheelers (marysvale ride)

braffits mtn.

flower on north mtn.

our property in harmony

does this need an explanation?

sunset...from enoch

our property in harmony