Monday, June 18, 2012


Ice Cream Break

This past weekend, we took a four wheeler ride.  It has been a long time coming.  We have not been since last fall.  The ride was put together by my parents so they had some of their friends and Jessika and Sterling came along with the cronies too.  It was a long, dusty day.  We left Cedar at 8 am and rode over Cedar Mountain to Hatch.  We unloaded there and rode up Proctor Canyon.  We rode to Tropic Reservoir, pictured above.  We found a shady spot for lunch near the reservoir.  From there, we rode to Ruby's Inn, at the entrance to Bryce Canyon.  We had some ice cream and people watched on the benches.  We spotted an antelope right as we got to Ruby's Inn and again on the way
back.  It was so beautiful, but so very dry.  We did not feel like we left any dirt on the mountain.  We took a different loop on the way back to the truck.  We loaded up the bikes about 7pm or so.  On the way home, Jessika  and Sterling were riding with us and we stopped at Todd's Junction Gas Station, hoping for a hamburger (Todds Style), only to find out they had shut the machine down just before we got there.  We got home about 9pm and hopped on the Harley and took a ride out in  the valley to watch the sun set.  It helped blow some of the dirt off us too.  It was one of those times I was so thankful for a hot shower. 

Mom and Dad
Snack Stop
Sterling and Jessika
Tropic Reservoir

Rex's favorite post lunch position.

Sterling Dennett, Jessika, Me, Rex, Mom, Dad, Doug & Holly Urie, Ken and Maria Rubio, Ken and Belinda Laub

I love this guy 

Scenic Shot through a dead tree

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lobster anyone?

Rex and I took a little trip to Southern California to relax on the beach for a few days before I went back to work. I took this picture the night we got there. We were just "getting our feet wet". Yes, his are the ones that are glowing.

This is the "after picture". He got so sunburned on the tops of his feet he could not even walk. He had to take a day off work when we got home it was so bad.

Let me back up a bit....

We left on a Wednesday, spent the night at the Huntington Beach Hilton Beach Resort Wednesday and Thursday night. Wednesday, we were getting there just about evening time. We walked the beach to the main street and had dinner there at the Sugar Shack Cafe. We walked out on the pier and watched the surfers and the people fishing off the pier.

On the way back to the Hotel, I took the pictures of our feet as the water was washing up over them.

Thursday, we took the hotel shuttle to main street and grabbed some breakfast. We also picked up sandwiches to put in the cooler and take to the beach. We walked back to the hotel and packed up all our stuff and walked across the street to the beach. We spent the entire day there. We read, people watched, ate, slept, played in the waves and just relaxed. This is when the feet got so burned. He said he put sunscreen on them, but it rubbed off in the sand. As you can see, he took every other precaution not to get burned!

Uni~bomber spotted at Huntington Beach...

The water is too cold for him I guess...

That night, we went to dinner at the Yard House and on Friday, we had decided we would check out of the Hotel and spend the day at the beach again. We had already planned on spending the night at our friends house. When we checked out of the hotel, our bellman told us about another beach in Laguna. We decided to drive to that one and spend the day. It was well worth it. It was in a little cove and really pretty. At this point we knew Rex's feet were burned, so he slathered the sunscreen on them and covered them with at towel all day.

Crescent Bay Beach

The day there was just beautiful. Rex even got a little show when the waves took a lady's swim bottoms right off her! OH, and we were both treated to this, when he made himself comfortable right in front of us! I know ~ can't stop looking, can ya?

When we left the beach, we had a 60 mile drive to Gary and Tammy's house. Since we decided to wait until rush hour to leave, it took us 3 hours to get there. By the time we got there, the reality of the sunburn was really setting in. By Saturday morning, he could hardly walk.

We went to breakfast with Gary and Tammy and Gary's daughter Sammy. Gary offered his Harley to us to take a little scenic ride that looped through the mountain and back to their house.

Me, overlooking Castaic Lake

Pyramid Lake (I think)

It was about a 2 hour ride and it was really pretty. When we got back to Gary and Tammy's house, we decided to head home. We rode back with Gary and his son Tyler. It was a great getaway. The feet are now peeling and itching him like crazy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

~summer fun~

Lindsey and her cousin Grady at Quinn's baseball game. Nothing says summer like baseball.

Quinn on 1st. He is such a cute kid. Love him!
Took a ride on the Harley to Springdale. Met Kenyon and Kara and Mataya for lunch. This is Rex and Mataya after lunch...relaxing outside the restaurant.

CUTE little niece. She is so precious. This was at my parents one day after Sunday dinner. The dress and the flowers look like it was planned, but it was not. Aunt Paula just loves to take pictures.

Me and Rex watching the 4th of July parade in Cedar.

Mom, Jessika and Lindsey at the park in Cedar on the 4th.

The gang's bikes ~ at Sullivans Cafe in Cedar.

A Harley ride over Cedar Mt. with some friends from Vegas. They were heading to Colorado, staying the night in Richfield on their way. We met up with them in Cedar and rode over the Mt. to Panguitch. Split off with them there. It was a beautiful day for a ride. This picture was taken at the Church parking lot at Panguitch Lake.

Old door out of a house that was torn down in Harmony years ago. I knew I wanted an old door for the pantry in the new house. I asked Ted, Rex's dad to go on the hunt for me in Harmony, to see if he could find me one. Boyd Pace told him I could have one form a pile of doors he had on his property. He had taken them out of an old house that was torn down. The pile of doors had been out in the elements for years. I fell in love with this one. I love the way the paint is chipping, and the door knob so high. I did not even know if it would work but we took it. I later found out that my Uncle Brent had taken some doors out of my Great Grandpa's house before it was torn down. He was nice enough to give me some of them too. The pantry door had already been framed out so we had to hope that one of the doors would work. The best fit was the one from Boyd. We only had to cut a few inches off the width. Rex is amazing and can do anything. He had to move the hinges too. but he made it work.

I LOVE IT! It is just what I wanted. Don't you think the door knob is neat, how high it is? I still want to use the doors Uncle Brent gave me somewhere in the house.

We were able to use these windows from Great Grandpa's house. Mom had them and she gave them to us. Rex's handy work again. These are above the office doors.

Monday, January 3, 2011

cute, cute, cute ~ the handyman and the project

This is my hubby ~ Rex.

He is probably the most handiest (I know ~ not really proper English) man I know.

These are the most adorable lights he made for our house.

They will hang over the bar area in the new house as pendants. Right now they hang in his shop from the garage door track, just so he could show me how they turned out.

All for about $8.00 each!

SO, SO CUTE! He is amazing! I Love Him!

Friday, December 3, 2010

~giving thanks~

We spent Thanksgiving and the entire weekend with Rex's parents and family in Harmony. It was a special holiday and we we not lacking in the delicious food department. The guest of honor ~ TOM~ was deep fried and boy was he delicious! Great day and weekend with family. We have so, so much to be thankful for. Most of all, I am thankful for the family I call mine!

TOM ~ getting his first taste of the hot oil.....

Ted & Mark ~ potato peeling duty.

Lindsey & Grandma B

Jessika & PaPa Ted

Rex & Kendall @ the kid's table ~ they wish!

Carla, Mark & Lisa

I want some of that...ans some of that...and maybe some of that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Relief SOLEciety

I recently was called to be the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. That is the new name for the old Enrichment Meetings. This past week we had our VT Conference and I was so amazed by the talent and willing hands that made it a special night. I though I would share some of the pics I took.

We found a CUTE, CUTE skit online called the Relief SOLEciety. We based the entire night on this skit and it turned out darling!
once you are on the linked page you will need to download the actual skit.

The invitations....made by Noelle. YES! She is amazing!

The centerpieces.

This was in the center of the food table.

SOLE food.....Fried chicken, corn bread, potato salad.....I know it's not spelled that way, but the whole night was about shoes ....hence the play on words.

My extremely talented friend from work made this "storefront" for me. She is so talented.

The stars of the skit....Sister Blister and the Relief SOLEciety president.

This is the handout that Audrey made for the ladies to take home. We found the "high heel" cookie cutter online. Noelle made the adorable tags that read "Elevate and uplift your sisters to new heights ~ Love them.