Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The tree at our house in Enoch. Jessika decorated it, isn't it beautimus?

This year we spent Christmas in Utah. Lindsey and Jessika are both living there now and with both of their work schedules, it was easier for us to go up there than for them to come here. We went up Christmas Eve and had dinner at my parents house with Kim, Mike and family, Shon, Trisha and family, Grandma and Grandpa Spevak, Mom and Dad and us. After a delicious prime rib dinner, we played a few games and had some good laughs.

Grandpa Alex and Grandma Maxine

Rex, kicking back after dinner in Christmas Eve.

We had a very relaxing Christmas morning. We were not in any big hurry to get up, and we had breakfast and finally finished opening presents around 11:00. We went to Harmony later in the day and exchanged presents with Rex's parents. Barbara had been sick, so we did not stay too long. That evening, we had dinner at our house in Enoch with Lindsey and Jessika. We are so blessed with a wonderful family and we had a really nice Christmas.


ummm....what is it?

Lindsey with her stero for the Ranger!
Rex and his bag of goods.

Jessika got a fishing pole from Grandma B and Grandpa Ted.

Linds and her present.....CASH

Rex' dad Ted. We got him a chore coat. Gotta stay warm when your out doin the chores.

Rex's mom Barbara. We got her the complete set of the Work and the Glory series.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

thanksgiving and such

We spent Thanksgiving in Utah. We ate at my parents house with all my siblings. It was so fun having all of us together. The day after we went to Harmony and had a professional photographer come take family pictures. My mom has always wanted a family picture taken with the Kolobs in the background, so that's what we did. It was really cold, but they turned out really nice. I had my camera, so I took some shots here and there. The one at the top of the blog was taken by my brother Shon.... Then the next day, we went shooting. This has become sort of a tradition. Well, on the years the whole fam is together,(every other year) we go shooting. Fun and very cold.

Mom and Kim....making Thanksgiving dinner.

Trisha and Shon, scouring the ad's for Black Friday deals.

Mom, Grady, Mataya, Dad and Janna, checking out Janna's new laptop.

The WHOLE family.

The Kelseys

Me...trying to hit a clay pigeon.

Jessika and Corbin

Ashby and Jessika

Shon showing Brandon his gun collection. you think he means business?