Friday, August 20, 2010

where oh where has the summer gone?

Summer is winding down for me. I go back to work in a few short days and even though the temp does not reflect it, when school is back in session...summer is about over.

The time seems to have flown by but we managed to squeeze in a few fun things.

**Rex, his Dad, Jessika and I went fishing at Panguitch Lake. It was a beautiful day. Jessika out-fished us all!
Rex caught the first fish of the day. Nice one.

Grandpa Ted was having some trouble with his fishing line, so he played captn and helped me and Jess with our poles when needed. Mostly me, I am NOT a fisher woman.

Just the girls.

One of the SIX Jessika caught.

Since my line seemed to be invisible to the fishy, I kept myself occupied other ways.

**Rex, Jessika, my Dad - John, and my nephew Quinn and I took a four wheeler ride on Cedar Mountain. We parked at Red Desert and rode to Tommy Creek, Lost Lake, and the Sydney Valley look-off. That was a long ride and most of the road/trail was very rocky. I was sore the next day from trying to navigate over the rough trails.

Rex and Jessika


This part of the trail was one of the steepest and rockiest. I usually try and conquer my fears and at least attempt it but I had to get off and let Rex ride my bike up it. Here he is helping my Dad navigate through the rocks. After we all successfully came up it, we parked and were looking over maps and checking out a little stream that ran next to it and here came a full size pick-up truck up that thing. It does not look that steep and rocky in this pic, but we were all amazed a truck would even be attempting to come up that. They made it and went on their way. Crazy!

Me and my cute nephew, Quinn. He does not like his picture taken so I had to hold his hands so he would not run away. Such a cute kid.

We took this group shot at the Sydney Valley look-off.

Dad, Me, Quinn, Jessika and Rex.

**Jessika and I gave Rex a new clay pigeon thrower for his birthday so Rex, Me, my Parents- John and Claudine, my brother - Shon and Tyler Buckley went out West of Cedar to shoot. I sucked, as usual but it was Tyler's second time shooting and he was killing them. Dad, Shon and Rex did great as always and Mom was happy to sit and watch and take pictures.

Dad and Rex....

Rex is sitting on the thrower, Tyler is behind him, Shon and Dad...getting ready to shoot and Mom, supervising.

My brother Shon, helping me aim for the target.

Rex, don't mess with him!

**And last but not least....Shon and Trisha added a new little sister to their cute little family. My niece Delaini was born on Aug. 12.

Proud Papa...Shon with little miss Delaini

Aunt Paula and Delaini