Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where's the Beef?

I spent the week in Utah last week. One of the things I did was can beef. I know....sounds weird- but this is something I learned @ my Cooking with the Chicks group. (thanks Connie) Dad was there also. He was helping with the pressure cookers. He set up his camp chef out on the back patio and we put the pressure cookers out there. For the most part, this is a really easy thing to bottle, and although I have not tried it yet...I'm told it is delish!
If there is one thing I can always count on it is having Mom there to help with things like this. A I get older, these are things that I am wanting to learn more about and she is always willing to help me. We had a good time and I think we got 47 or 48 pints done that day.

Filling the pints with the beef.

Mom - making sure the tops are clean so the lids will seal.

They are ready to pressure cook.

Dad, making sure they stay at the proper pressure.

All done - pulling them out to cool.

Side note...another thing Mom and I did. Look at this beautiful wheat bread. Yummy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SuMMeR dAys

It's not officially summer for me yet. I still have a couple of days left of work before I am off for the summer. Rex and I both took Monday off and took a spur of the moment trip to Huntington Beach. We hit the road early Saturday morning. When we arrived we actually spent the day at Newport Beach, then checked into out hotel, that was right on Huntington Beach. We spent the day Sunday taking a drive up the coast, eating at the famous Pinks Hot Dogs in LA, and we went to a Dodger game that night. Monday, we spent a couple of hours on the beach before heading home. We had a really nice time and the weather was fantastic.
Newport Beach
These guys set up this sno-cone stand right in fron of us at Newport beach...funny...they had a little generator to run the ice shaver and everything.Lunch @ "Pinks" Hot Dogs. You should have seen the line! Popular place!

Us @ Dodger staduim. They played the Phillys. The Dodgers lost. Last day @ the beach. Time to go home ....