Saturday, October 16, 2010

Relief SOLEciety

I recently was called to be the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. That is the new name for the old Enrichment Meetings. This past week we had our VT Conference and I was so amazed by the talent and willing hands that made it a special night. I though I would share some of the pics I took.

We found a CUTE, CUTE skit online called the Relief SOLEciety. We based the entire night on this skit and it turned out darling!
once you are on the linked page you will need to download the actual skit.

The invitations....made by Noelle. YES! She is amazing!

The centerpieces.

This was in the center of the food table.

SOLE food.....Fried chicken, corn bread, potato salad.....I know it's not spelled that way, but the whole night was about shoes ....hence the play on words.

My extremely talented friend from work made this "storefront" for me. She is so talented.

The stars of the skit....Sister Blister and the Relief SOLEciety president.

This is the handout that Audrey made for the ladies to take home. We found the "high heel" cookie cutter online. Noelle made the adorable tags that read "Elevate and uplift your sisters to new heights ~ Love them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

there is beauty all around

The first stop ~ drink, snacks and potty break.

This had to be my favorite Marysvale to Koosharem ride ~ as far as the fall color goes. We always try to time it so we catch some of the beauty that Monroe mountain has to offer in the fall. Usually we end up waiting so long we have been snowed on, rained on and just flat out froze our butts off. The weather was absolutely amazing...and the mountain colors did not disappoint. It was probably the smallest group we have ever had go ~ me and Rex, Jessika, and my parents. It was a great time.