Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kim

Today is my sister Kim's birthday. I thought I would share a couple of memories about her.

I remember when we lived in Hunter. Our house had a long bar in the basement, Kim would sit behind that bar with the stereo headphones on and sing to the top of her lungs. I also remember when we would play school. We had a neighbor boy who was the principal and we were teachers. That kept us occupied for hours.

Kim and I were Jr cheerleaders for a football team in Hunter and we also played on a few softball teams together. It was called bonnet ball, and one of the teams was called the Grape Apes.
When we moved to Harmony, we shared a bedroom. We first shared the room off the kitchen, then we ventured upstairs and shared a room up there. Then when we moved to Cedar, we also shared a room for a short time. We were so excited to move into that NEW house, we stayed there the first few nights alone, before the family all moved in.
After moved to New Harmony, one summer we got to take the car and go to St. George with some friends...can't remember who, but we went to the pool in Dixie. On the way home, we started messing with this trucker, trying to get him to honk and that sort of thing. Well, we got a little nervous that he was following us, so we exited at the Black Ridge exit, just to let him get a little bit ahead of us---we freaked out when he exited too. We got back on that freeway so fast and off at the Harmony exit. He did not follow us that time.

We had some fun times in Harmony with Beth and Linda Prince. We would lay out on the deck Uncle Brent had built. The whole Harmony crowd would gather and play night games at the church.

My sister has always been there for me. She has always looked out for me (even when I did not want her to). I am thankful to have her as a sister. We always talk about how nice it would be to live closer to each other. I think we are pretty fortunate to live as close as we do. I love ya sis. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

It seems like this past week and a half have flew by. ( I guess just like the rest of 2008) We went to Utah on Christmas Eve. That night, we had a wonderful prime rib dinner at my parents house with Kim, Mike and kids, Shon, Trisha and kids Mom and Dad and us. We played games and laughed. Everyone spent the night there except me and Rex, we said we wanted to sleep in our own bed and come back in the morning. Christmas morning was fun. It is always fun when there are little ones around--Quinn and Grady. Everyone in the Kelsey family got a new set of wheels this year! Me and the girls got a set of 2 wheels (bikes) and no, I don't mean motor....we are talking sweet pedal bikes. Rex on the other hand, got 4 wheels-a tractor.
We went to New Harmony Christmas afternoon for yes another prime rib dinner. It had been snowing all day there and continued to snow the entire time we were there. It was beautiful, but getting really deep. The meal was delicious. We ate with Rex's parents, Grandma Manda, and Uncle Lee. Rex got to see his tractor in person after dinner...his dad has been storing it for me for a while.
Rex came back to Vegas on Sunday, Me and Lindsey stayed until New Years Eve. It was not much fun for Linds, she ended up getting sick with strep throat so she had to take it easy and was pretty much laid up for a few days.
We had a really nice holiday. We are so blessed. I am so grateful to have spent time with Rex and the girls this Christmas, I know that as the girls get older, those times will become fewer and fewer. We made some good memories. I hope they found a place in the back of their minds for the special times spent with family. They are the most precious times of your life.

Rex, Ted, and Uncle Lee with Rex's Tractor- a Ford 8N

Jessika on her new set of wheels!

Corbin, Jessika, Grady and Lindsey

Jessika and Grandma Manda

Lindsey, opening up her yummy jerky that Grandma B made.
Grandma C and Lindsey

Ever see anybody get so excited over a blow dryer?