Monday, July 12, 2010

Good 'ol Summertime

Just thought I would share a few pictures of the happenings so far this summer.

Kenyon, Kara and Mataya came to Vegas for vacation. We crashed their party and went swimming with them a couple of days. Kim and Jessika also came down that week. It was fun to have Kim come stay for a few days.

Went to visit Grandpa Darce at the Beehive house. One of the nurses brought her bird that day. Quinn and Grady loved it. My dad.....not too sure.

My mom with her dad.... Grandpa Darce. He fell and injured himself really bad. Has not been able to get out of bed for several weeks. He is a strong willed man. He does not say much when we visit, but I know he enjoys having company.

Mom and Dad Kelsey watching the 4th of July parade in New Harmony. I love these two people to pieces.
Mataya waving @ the firetruck in the New Harmony parade. She caught a ride on the horse with Uncle Brent as they went by, she got to be in the last half of the parade with him.

Rex, throwing a game of horseshoes at the New Harmony 4th of July celebration.

The "peanut gallery" watching the horseshoe tournament.

Rex, Jessika, Mom, Dad, and I took a 4 wheeler ride in the afternoon after the Harmony celebration. We rode up Harmony canyon to Pinto Springs. It was a good little ride. First one this summer. Good times.

Rex and I watching the Parade in Cedar.

Trisha and Grady, watching the fireworks.

Cedar just recently opened a new man made lake on Leigh Hill. Me and the girls took Quinn up there to check it out one afternoon. This is Lindsey.....deep in thought.

Quinn at the lake. He wanted to get wet sooo bad, but we had not even planned on going there so we did not have a suit. He kept on rolling his shorts up more and more. Still got them a little wet.

One evening, the girls and I went to St. George to see a movie and afterwards, we ate at the OG.

I took this picture of Ted as he was showing me his garden. Isn't it beautiful? He is so very proud of it, as he should be. I love reaping the fruits of his labor.