Friday, January 8, 2010


I have never been able to make bread. It seems like maybe that all changed when we got a wheat grinder and a bosch mixer for Christmas. Rex and I decided to make our first batch of bread...with fresh ground wheat flour. It turned out burly. (as you can see it LOOKS beautiful-and it tasted just as good as it looked).

I am so excited to know that I can make bread! This is the wheat flour, just after we ground it.

My mom got a bosch a few years ago from all us kids and Dad. She has been making bread like crazy ever since. She included her recipe with the Christmas gift.

The AMAZING little machine. Just set it and let it do its kneads the dough for 8 minutes.

My bread from days past NEVER rose like this.

Coming out of the oven.....I'm so proud, I almost cried...