Monday, August 10, 2009

V * A * C * A * T * I * O * N

Rex and I were able to take an amazing vacation this summer. We were able to stay with some friends on Cape Cod, spend and night in Boston and a day in Rhode Island. A little bit of background....
My good friend Erin, married Joe 3 years ago. Joe is from back there and the wedding was on Cape Cod. I was in the wedding and ever since then I have wanted to take Rex back there. Joe's parents live in a place called Pocasset, its on the Cape. He and Erin are spending a good part of the summer there with his parents and they were kind enough to invite us to stay there while we vacationed. could we pass up on a place to stay....right on the water...on Cape Cod....with good friends....and great people.

This is the view from our bedroom at Joe's parents house. They have a deck that spans the entire length of the house. I'm standing on the deck right out the door of our room. SWEET!

This is looking at the house form a small beach just across the water. The house is right between the boats. There is so much green it is just amazing.

We went to Provinctown or as they call it back there "P Town", its at the tip of the cape. It is a community that has a very open gay population. It was quite eye opening--to say the least. Rex got a chair massage right when we got there...he had a really bad headache so I talked him into it. While he was getting his massage, I stood there and took in all the sights: the picture in the right...well, he??she?? was riding around on this bike---yes just like mine, advertising some "show". I had to get a picture.

Rex celebrated his 44th birthday while we were there. I surprised him with a cake. (thanks Erin and Pat for your help)

This was a really frightening experience..for both of us. If you notice form the first picture, you can just walk right out from the house to the little wood walkway and boat or swim or kayak. I did not think I would be so scared, but my legs were shaking so bad when I got back to was weird. Rex is not all that fond of the water, or should I say falling in it, that he was hoping he would not tip over. He did much better than I did. I was fun and I am glad I did it, but I wish I was not such a chicken.

On the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

At the beach on Martha's Vineyard.

We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston....there is so much history in the city. We spent 1 night and 2 days there. WOW! What an experience.
Me in Boston

Thanks to Joe's friend, we were able to go see a Red Sox game. That was a really fun night. We were really exhausted from walking the city all day...but that park was electric. We LOVED it!

Our second Boston day started out like this....we thought we would tough it out with our umbrellas, but we ended up getting in the car and TRYING to navigate the city...haha. Its much easier to walk. Once the rain cleared, we parked the car again and walked some more....which leads me to the next photo....don't say I did not warn you...

After all that walking, I took off my shoes and sox to bloody toes...I knew they were hurting, but???

Erin, Max and I at the little beach just across the water from the house. It was fun while it lasted....started to rain on us. Quickest clean up I've ever seen!

Rex on the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island. This was only about and hour and 20 min. form where we stayed and Mary Beth, a friend of the family, suggested we take a drive there. I am so glad she did. It is a beautiful place. All along this 7 mile (round trip) walk, (don't think the toes were not bloody after that one) there are some of the biggest and most beautiful mansions I have ever seen. You are walking right along the water..sometimes on rocks like these, sometimes on rocks not quite this friendly, and sometimes on a sidewalk they built there. It was a great day.

Me...on the Cliff Walk

This is one of the Mansions

After the cliff walk, we did some more walking down this historical street with all these shops and restaurants. We were starving, so we ate and shopped. We finally went back to the car and followed one of the maps we had on what was called Ocean Drive. We found a perfect spot to watch the sunset. It was amazing!

We went with Erin and Joe to the Bourne Farm. This is where they got married. It is a beautiful place that is open to visitors unless someone has rented it for a wedding or something.

This is our wonderful and kind hosts. Joe's mom Pat and step dad Paul. I have to say...they made us feel so welcome in their home. They were very warm and welcoming. I don't think we could thank them enough. We feel very fortunate to have met them and Joe's family. Everyone was so genuinely kind. Thank you all! We miss you! (sorry Pat, both pics your eyes are closed)