Monday, June 18, 2012


Ice Cream Break

This past weekend, we took a four wheeler ride.  It has been a long time coming.  We have not been since last fall.  The ride was put together by my parents so they had some of their friends and Jessika and Sterling came along with the cronies too.  It was a long, dusty day.  We left Cedar at 8 am and rode over Cedar Mountain to Hatch.  We unloaded there and rode up Proctor Canyon.  We rode to Tropic Reservoir, pictured above.  We found a shady spot for lunch near the reservoir.  From there, we rode to Ruby's Inn, at the entrance to Bryce Canyon.  We had some ice cream and people watched on the benches.  We spotted an antelope right as we got to Ruby's Inn and again on the way
back.  It was so beautiful, but so very dry.  We did not feel like we left any dirt on the mountain.  We took a different loop on the way back to the truck.  We loaded up the bikes about 7pm or so.  On the way home, Jessika  and Sterling were riding with us and we stopped at Todd's Junction Gas Station, hoping for a hamburger (Todds Style), only to find out they had shut the machine down just before we got there.  We got home about 9pm and hopped on the Harley and took a ride out in  the valley to watch the sun set.  It helped blow some of the dirt off us too.  It was one of those times I was so thankful for a hot shower. 

Mom and Dad
Snack Stop
Sterling and Jessika
Tropic Reservoir

Rex's favorite post lunch position.

Sterling Dennett, Jessika, Me, Rex, Mom, Dad, Doug & Holly Urie, Ken and Maria Rubio, Ken and Belinda Laub

I love this guy 

Scenic Shot through a dead tree

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Claudine said...

Love your post!!! Got some great photos and I'm glad you thought it was worth posting about. Love ya and hope you are enjoying Vegas this week.